Here you can assess your fitness level and understand which trips would suit you best.

Next to each trip you will find an (F) fitness rating. 


Level F1

  • You’re not a big sports person but you enjoy a ski holiday or being in the outdoors. Skiing for a few hours or an hour’s walk at an easy pace sounds like plenty of activity for one day.
  • You may do some easy exercise one day per week or a bit less.
  • You may feel a bit out of shape and coming to the mountains is part of your program to get a bit fitter.


Level F2

  • You exercise at least a day or two per week and maybe you cycle to work.
  • You may have run a couple of 10km fun runs or similar.
  • You feel like you’re in alright shape and walking at a reasonable pace for two or three hours wouldn’t pose a problem even if it was quite a bit of up-hill.
  • You may not enjoy pushing yourself very hard physically.


Level F3

  • You really enjoy physical activity and training.
  • You exercise at least 3 days per week.
  • You may have run a couple of Marathons and done some half iron-men or enjoy long days of ski touring or hiking at a good pace.


Level F4

  • You love sport, the longer and more challenging the better.
  • You exercise all the time and doing multiple days of 2000m ski tours, ultra marathons, iron-men or the likes is standard.