La Grave Off Piste


One lift, no pistes, 3600m

La Grave Off Piste

La Grave off piste is the serious adventure skier’s heaven, it has one slow lift and a drag lift up to 3600m. From there, there is one small piste but otherwise exclusively off-piste terrain with glaciers, couloirs and open slopes. 2000m off piste runs to the road are on offer when the conditions allow for it.

Some of the off piste runs involve abseils and mountaineering techniques. Runs like Chirouze left or La Voute are mythical descents, appreciated by all adventurous skiers.

We generally stay at the Hotel des Alpes in La Grave. It’s a nice vibe with other keen skiers.

We offer minimum three day trip to La Grave, the best is a full week’s stay.

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