La Grave Off Piste


One lift, no pistes, 3600m

La Grave Off Piste

La Grave off piste is the serious adventure skier’s heaven, it has one slow lift and a drag lift up to 3600m. From there, there is one small piste but otherwise exclusively off-piste terrain with glaciers, couloirs and open slopes. 2000m off piste runs to the road are on offer when the conditions allow for it.

Some of the off piste runs involve abseils and mountaineering techniques. Runs like Chirouze left or La Voute are mythical descents, appreciated by all adventurous skiers.

We generally stay at the Hotel des Alpes in La Grave. It’s a nice vibe with other keen skiers.

We offer minimum three day trip to La Grave, the best is a full week’s stay.


We will mail you an equipment list on booking. Ask us if you have any specific questions.

Are these activities risky?

Studies done by the Swiss on annual risk of death in mountain sports compared to annual risk of death in road transport in Switzerland came up with the following conclusions:

  • High Mountain Sports ≈ 2 × the risk of death in road transport
  • Rock Climbing ≈ risk of death in road transport
  • Ski Touring ≈ risk of death in road transport
  • Mountain Hiking ≈ 5 × less risk of death compared to road transport

(Extract from ‘Sports de montagne d’hiver’ © 2005 Edition du CAS) 

A professionally qualified Mountain Guide will try to keep the risks down to what our guides associations consider to be socially acceptable risk levels. We carefully consider the conditions, terrain, group capabilities and aptitudes. We work to reduce the consequences of an accident (e.g. Avalanche transceivers) and build redundancy into our systems (e.g. 2 points on a rock climbing belay)

However, this does not eliminate the risk! Like driving your car, there are residual risks even if your car is serviced, you drive within the laws and take due care, you can still have a mortal accident.

The mountains are not a controlled environment, there are objective dangers. i.e. Seracs, Avalanches, Rock Fall and more.


Anyone considering participation in these activities must understand that these are adventure sports with real risks.  You must take responsibility for your own participation.

Generally it is possible to still have a good day in the mountains when the weather is bad or conditions aren’t optimal.

Skiing in average snow conditions is part of high mountain skiing and often we learn a lot in average snow conditions. We don’t cancel or refund due to snow conditions.

Climbing and Mountaineering courses will always run regardless of the weather or conditions. We will do our best to find appropriate routes for the conditions. We can train skills, do a hut approach, or occasionally indoor climbing if the weather is very bad.

We can’t offer a refund due to injured participants. We recommend a good travel insurance that covers such eventualities.

If you felt a guide went out of their way and gave you a great experience, a tip is much appreciated. Guides don’t expect tips and understand that it’s easier for some guests to offer a tip than for others.

It’s good to keep track of where you are on the mountain. Ask the guide questions so as to take an active role in the team and understand where you’re going.

In case of an accident of any kind always think about keeping yourself safe first and then take your time to consider secondary action.

Call: 112 in Europe

Tell the rescuers where you are, what happened, how many victims there are, what the weather is like there. They will generally guide the questioning. Keep calm and speak in short clear sentences.

Often the guide will carry a radio for rescue.

If you have a victim remember: Airway, Breathing, Recovery Position

Then very important: the COLD will put an injured person into a hypothermic state very quickly. Protect them from the elements.

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