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A typical day of climbing in Kalymnos

Kalymnos / Greece

A day of climbing in Kalymnos starts with enjoying some breakfast looking out over the Aegean sea and the Island of Telendos. Then meet your climbing partners and walk up the slopes between the sparce semi-arid vegetation with the occasional goat on the path, normally keen on getting it’s nose into your lunch…

One of the local inhabitants on the way to the crag.

The choice of crag for the day is maybe the hardest part of climbing on Kalymnos. For slab climbing lovers, there’s Poets, Afternoon, Olympic Wall, Julian, Arhi or Ghost Kitchen. For sculpted vertical climbs there are endless amazing sectors like Arginonta, Summertime, Dolphin Bay or Symplegades to name just a few. For well equipped multi-pitching, School sector and Telendos have excellent routes like Wild Country 6a+ and Platon 5c. For those who’ve been training in the gym and enjoy overhanging stalactites and tufas, sectors like the famous Grande Grotto, Panorama, Sikati Cave or Jurassic Park are world class.

Great multi-pitching above Massouri.
Me taking a tea break on a stalactite.
Great slabby to vertical route.

Choose your routes and climb until your arms are tired, belay your friends, chat, encourage the others at the crag, take photos or chill and take in the view until it’s time to go down to Massouri again.

Having too much fun, climbing until sunset at Panorama sector.

Head down to town for dinner at one of the friendly Greek restaurants on the Massouri main street. Before heading for shower and bed before doing it all again the next day!

Small traditional harbour on the way home from climbing.