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Valais Mountaineering – Town & Accommodation

Valais mountaineering is varied with Switzerland offering more than sixty peaks above 4000m in altitude. This is more than any other country in the Alps and there are many hundreds more not much lower. As a sure-footed intermediate alpinist, a good half of the routes to these summits are accessible climbs.

In this week we are based in the Val de Bagnes and are very fortunate to have our valley accommodation at Les Rires Au Chalet.

Val de Bagnes

Glaciers, giant snow-capped mountains, black cows and simple villages define the Val de Bagnes, one of Switzerland’s largest nature reserves. The Val de Bagnes extends over more than 25 kilometres, from Le Châble to the impressive Mauvoisin dam.

Val De Bagnes.
Val De Bagnes

Les Rires Au Chalet

As mentioned previously, we are very fortunate to have valley accommodation in the wonderful Les Rires Au Chalet. It is a beautiful comfortable chalet based in the small charming village of Etiez.  They pride themselves on a warm and friendly welcome, informal family atmosphere and real attention to details when it comes to things like comfort, convenience and good quality home cooked food.

Mountain Huts

The mountain huts we stay in will depend on conditions and which routes we climb however you can expect to spend at least 3 nights in huts. These can often be the Cabane d’Orny situated at 2831m or Mischabel Hut at an impressive 3,340m.

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